How To Get Rid Of Bruises Fast

A bruise is among the things that cannot be easily avoided. You can get a bruise from anything. In most cases, there is no any instant remedy for a bruise, but you can rely on some that can speed up the healing process. Here is a guide on how to get rid of bruises fast;

Bruises on face

Taking Care Of The Bruise

You must manage the bruise with care, for the sake of speeding its healing process and avoiding further damage. Some of the tips for managing your bruise include the following;

  1. Put Some Ice
    First things first, you will need to place some ice cubes on the bruise for some time. It is recommended that you take some ice in a paper bag and place them over the bruise for about 15 minutes, several times throughout the day. The ice will help to limit the swelling and the inflammation of the bruise, which in turn will speed up the healing process.
  2. Compress The Bruise
    After you have iced it, you will let it stay for about one or two days, then place a warm compress on it. Be sure not to place a hot compress, lest you peel off the skin. You might want to take a piece of cloth, dip it in warm water, squeeze out some water and place it in a paper bag. You will then place it on the bruise directly, which will allow the blood to flow easily and steer the recovery process.
  3. Place The Bruise On A Raised Surface
    Suppose the bruise in on the hand or on your arm, you will need to raise it slightly. If it is in on the hand, place it in a place higher than your heart, which will help to inhibit the flow of blood. This will also help to prevent swelling and it will block the blood from flowing through the bruise.
  4. Massage The Bruise Area
    You will then need to gently massage the bruise area with your finger. You may want to use your thumb, which should be done around the edges of the bruise. As you are massaging, ensure that you are gentle enough and avoid massaging the bruise directly. Use small circular massages, which helps to trigger the lymphatic process to allow the body to naturally heal the bruise.
  5. Expose It To The Sun
    When you are done with all that, you will then need to expose the bruise to direct sunlight, but do not place it near the fire. The sun will produce the UV rays, which will help to break the Bilirubin, a substance that gives the bruise the yellow color. You should let it stay in the sun for about ten to fifteen minutes. Sunlight also helps to speed up the healing process of the bruise.


Using Some Home Remedy of Bruises

Other than managing the bruise, you can apply some remedy that can be easily found at home. Here are some of the home remedies that can help accelerate the healing process of the bruise;

  1. Use Vinegar And Water
    You can mix vinegar with some warm water, then rub the mixture around the bruised area. This will help to enhance the flow of blood to the surface of the skin, which will boost the healing process.
  2. Take Papaya Or Pineapple
    Naturally, fruits are known to help in speeding up the healing process of wound around the body. However, pineapple or papaya can be of a great help here. These two fruits have bromelain, which is a digestive enzyme that will break down the particular proteins that can trap fluids and blood in the body. You can eat as much of them as you want, for the sake of speeding up the recovery of the bruise.
  3. Eat Or Apply Vitamin C
    You might either eat or apply the vitamin C, which can assist in healing the bruise faster. When you want to eat food containing Vitamin C, you may want to choose sweet potatoes, oranges, pepper or broccoli. Mangoes are also known to contain Vitamin C.

    You may also choose to apply it directly, by taking any of the fruit containing Vitamin C, mix with water and rub directly on the bruise, then let it dry. Once it is dry, you will then remove it with water gently.

  4. Take Some Fresh Ginger
    You may also eat some fresh ginger, which contain some anti-inflammatory qualities and it also supports the immune system, so you will be benefiting greatly. Ensure that you have chopped the ginger, then place it in a glass of hot water for some time. When the ginger is left in the water for some time, you can then drink it. You may also choose to crush the ginger and rub it directly on your bruise.
  5. Use Vaseline With Cayenne Pepper
    You can also take some Cayenne Pepper and mix with Vaseline, then apply the mixture on the bruise. You should then let it stay for some time and when it has stayed for long, you will simply wipe off the mixture with a tissue.
  6. Use a Banana Peel
    When you are through with a banana, you might not see the importance of the peel, but it helps a lot if you want to get rid of the bruise faster. You can take the banana peel, then use the inside part to rub the bruised area. Well, you will then have to eat the banana, not because it aids in the healing process, but because it’s a good fruit.

Things To Avoid

  1. Avoid engaging in heavy exercises when you are treating the bruise. When you engage in heavy exercises, blood will be pumped around the body. If the blood gets on the bruised area, it will make it worse and will only affect the healing process.
  2. Avoid covering the bruised area. Since most of the bruises are found on the hands, leg or an open area like the neck, you should avoid covering it because that will affect the healing process. The more open a bruise is, the faster it heals.


Make sure that you are gentle when handling your bruise and keep in mind that it doesn’t need excess heat or less air. Basically, ensure that you leave it open at all times, but if it is broken, you can have a bandage and slightly run it over the bruise. Ensure that you run the bandage loosely over the bruise, to avoid further damages