Best ways to get rid of Trapped Gas in stomach

Should you have just started to experience a gas problem or perhaps you have been experiencing it for a while, it is definitely high time to get rid of it. More to the point you certainly need freedom from the discomforting and embarrassing symptoms that this problem gives rise to. To which end, the following are some tips to get rid of trapped gas in stomach in a totally natural manner.

Focus on your protein consumption

Protein requires plenty of hydrochloric acid in the stomach to be effectively broken down for digestion. Should you stomach lack sufficient amounts of this acid, the protein you eat will start to ferment and putrefy. When this happens, you will begin to experience bloating and excessive gas after consuming your food. To deal with this problem, you can do the following

  • First of all, it is important to eat protein foods at the commencement of any meal. Most individuals prefer beginning their meals with salads, however, the carbohydrates found in them need no hydrochloric acid to be digested. Despite of this, the stomach still “dumps” this acid at the beginning of any meal. Afterwards, when protein foods such as meat, fish or beans find their way to the stomach, there is no hydrochloric acid to digest them. Therefore always make it a point to consume protein food at the beginning of your meals.
  • If the above technique of how to get rid of trapped gas in stomach doesn’t help much, you will have to take some hydrochloric acid like betaine hydrochloride. These products can be easily obtained from most health food outlets. Always take them after and not during or before your meal. Essentially, you want your stomach to secrete as much of its own hydrochloric acid as possible, prior to taking an extra amount of it.
  • Alternatively, there is a wide variety of digestive enzymes you could resort to. These products are noted for their ability to re-acidify the intestinal tract, while also enhancing its overall digestive abilities. Both of these attributes completely do away with excessive gas formation. An excellent type of these products is the one that contains enzymes which assist the digestion of the 3 major food nutrients; proteins, carbohydrates and fats
Photo by © Grace Boyle, licensed under CC BY 2.0

Give Beano a try

Another issue which gives rise to excessive intestinal gas formation is the body’s inability to digest some kinds of complex sugar compounds. The human body has been proved to be totally incapable of synthesizing the enzyme glactosidase, which is needed to effectively digest these complex sugar compounds. When these undigested compounds find their way to the intestines, they start to ferment and produce a lot of gas. Taking Beano can comprehensively address this particular issue. Beano possesses an enzyme , which can assist in the breaking down of complex sugars prior to their reaching the intestines. As such, by adding a few drops of Beano to the first bite of food you eat, you will prevent gas formation.

Restore and regulate “good” bacteria

When the wrong types of bacteria colonize your large intestines, they will produce awfully smelling waste and gas. Hence, another way to getting rid of trapped gas in stomach is to make a healthy colonization of probiotics in your gut. Food like fermented vegetables, fermented milk products (yoghurt, cheese, kefir) fermented soy products and even naturally fermented and unpasteurized beer are excellent sources of probiotics.

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