How to Get Rid Of Scabies Fast

For decades, cases of scabies infection have been witnessed around d the globe. This is a skin infection that results from manifestation of a type of mites known as Sarcoptes on the skin. Learning how to get rid of scabies fast is the most ideal way to avoid further development of the condition and reduce the risk of spreading the condition further.

Transmission of Scabies

Majority consider scabies as a sexually transmitted disease. This owes to the fact that the condition is more prevalent among young adults who are sexually active. However, it is not all cases of scabies are transmitted sexually but any prolonged from of skin-to-skin contact has been attributed to transmission of the condition. As such living in crowded conditions such as prison and childcare facilities increases the risk of spreading the disease. Sharing clothing towel and bedding with an infected person can also lead to transmission of the condition.

Symptoms of the Condition

There are two main symptoms that characterize scabies infection. The symptoms may take a period of two to eight weeks a period referred to as the incubation period. Common symptoms are: