4 Ways to Get Rid Of Inflamed Gums

Inflamed gums is a condition that majority fail to notice or consider to be a health issue. However, learning how to get rid of inflamed gums is an important health measure that provides with optimum oral health. The gums are soft tissues covering the jawbones and containing blood vessels. When swollen, the gums may bulge out, protrude and in extreme cases ooze blood or pus alongside causing bad breath.

Causes of Gum Inflammation

The first step in getting rid of inflamed gums is to understand the causes and this helps identify the most appropriate method to deal with the problem. Common causes include:

  • Irritation – Food, oral mediations and cleaning solutions may cause irritation to the gums. Identifying the causing factor is important as prevention of inflammation is quite easy. This is through keeping away from the products.
  • Food – while eating certain forms of food, they accumulate between teeth and extend to underneath the gums. Unless removed regularly they have potential to cause inflammation.
  • Faulty dental restorations – inappropriate dental restorations makes it difficult to clean around the teeth and the gums. This leads to accumulation of food particles that pose the risk of developing inflamed gums.
  • Tobacco use – medical research indicates that tobacco users are at a higher risk of developing gum related infections. This more often leads to inflammation that swells and is mostly painful.
  • Hormonal changes – a problem common with women, increased hormonal production leads to an increase in blood flow to the gums. The problem may arise during puberty, menopause or after using certain types of birth control pills.

Getting Rid Of Gum Inflammation

There are different applications that can be used to get rid of inflamed gums. They include medical prescriptions as well as simple home applications. Among the common methods used include:

  • Visit your dentist – a visit to the dentist will help ascertain the extent of inflammation on the gums. Dentists will also give recommendations on how to get rid of inflamed gums including medications and precautions to keep the problem at bay.
  • Gaggling saltwater solution or lemon juice – these are among the most ancient methods used to get rid of inflamed gums. The solution works as an antibacterial solution to the contaminants and as well soothes the inflamed gums.
  • Brushing correctly – Brushing is a practice that is traditional in maintaining oral health. However majority fail to carry out the procedure appropriately. It is important to use a soft brush and avoid hard bristles. Brushing requires to be done in a soft motion following the grooves between the teeth. This removes food remains and other contaminants that may cause inflammation
  • Avoid irritating toothpastes – toothpastes contain chemicals that cause irritation and inflammation. Any paste that causes irritation should be avoided at all cost and replaced with a more ideal one.


The gums form one of the most crucial body parts. When inflamed, they cause a lot of discomfort alongside difficulties in feeding that may lead to further health implications. Seeking for ways to getting rid of inflamed gums is an important step to remain healthy. Regular check-ups by a dentist are important to help identify inflammations at an early stage and a chance for early treatment.