How to get rid of Abdominal Pain

Abdominal pain or stomach ache can be very disgusting when you experience it without knowing how to get rid of it. Knowing the cause of the pain may not be easy but the good news is that in most cases, indigestion may be the reason. Before you can seek medical intervention, you can take a look on these home remedies to get rid of abdominal pain when you feel that your stomach is not right at all. To avoid getting miserable, the following can help you;

5 Ways to get rid of Abdominal Pain

1) Lemon Water

You will need a glass of warm water and fresh lemon fruit. Just cut the lemon into two halves then squeeze the juice out of it into the water. The reason why this one can takes away the abdominal pain is the fact that its rich acidity will trigger the release of more Hydrochloric acid which is known to aid in breaking down food. This is an instant remedy when indigestion is the main cause.

2) Ginger Root Tea

Here you will need ginger which you will have to chop it into small pieces. Boil it with a glass of water for about 5 minutes. You will then sip it when it’s warm and if you are not comfortable with the taste, you can add honey. This plant contains shogaols and gingerols, elements which can relax the muscle along the alimentary canal especially at the stomach and intestine.

3) Lime

If you have lime in your home, you will also need a Soda where you will mix and drink. Lime works just like lemon and the use of Soda is meant to ease the gas in your stomach since when you drink it, you will definitely burp. This is one sure way to get rid of abdominal pain especially when you overate.

4) Peppermint

In most cases, one experiences abdominal pain because the muscles along the intestinal linings are not relaxed. If you can find some peppermint, soak the leaves in warm water for about 5 minutes then you can sip a glass of it. The other option is to directly chew its leaves.

5) Rice Water

You are now wondering what or how rice water can take away the abdominal pains. Well, this solution left after you washed your rice is known to be a demulcent. This is basically anything which can relieve inflammation. It does create a barrier upon the membrane of the body. For this case, the lining of your stomach is what will be covered. To get faster relieve, it will be ideal to boil your rice with more water than normal and before its cooked, fetch the additional water and drink when its warm.

Now after learning on these ways to getting rid of abdominal pain there will be no more stress any time a family member or yourself experiences abdominal pains. You can try any approach explained above as long as you have it at your home. In case the pain persist, it will be good to seek medical advice but only after trying the above proven ways of relaxing stomach pains.

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